A branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions that require surgical intervention.

These procedures include but are not limited to extractions, wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, bone grafting and oral pathologies.

Bone augmentation includes socket augmentation and alveolar ridge preservation, guided bone regeneration and sinus augmentation.

Socket augmentation is a procedure where, after tooth extraction, the empty socket is filled with a bone graft. This not only helps in quicker healing of the extraction site and better bone fill. It also preserves the height and width of the alveolar bone, and prevents its resorption, thereby avoiding the need for any other bone grafts in the future. Socket augmentation also assists in subsequent implant placement.

Guided bone regeneration is a procedure where bone grafts and barrier membranes are used to direct the growth of new bone, at sites with insufficient and deficient volumes and dimensions of bone, for optimal implant placement and its subsequent restoration.

Sinus augmentation is a procedure where bone graft material is added to the posterior part of the upper jaw, mainly in the premolar and 1st and 2nd molar region, when bone height is insufficient and inadequate, to allow the placement of implants. This procedure can be done in 2 ways – with a direct/lateral approach or an indirect/crestal approach.

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